What are we trying to achieve?

This is possibly something we should have done earlier. We who voted Remain in the referendum on 23 June 2016 were so convinced that staying in Europe was so obviously the better choice that we were completely shocked when many of our compatriots voted to leave.
We’ve been accused of whinging. Well, yes, we’re hurting but that’s because we’re passionate about European matters.
So, we’re not here to whinge. We’re here to show our passion.

Who should write for us?

Anyone. I imagine, though, it will be those of us who are passionate about Europe who will mainly write. So: people like me who are so Europeanised that, even though there is still much I appreciate about Britain and what is generally perceived to be British, feel themselves more European than British. Or more European than Spanish or Italian or French etc etc.
I would expect to appeal to ex-pats living in other EU states and members of other EU states living in the UK.  
I wouldn’t preclude Brexits from contributing but I’m not inviting rants or arguments, just the way you see it, quoting personal experience. And it must be passionate about Europe.     

Show, don’t tell

Don’t preach or just give your opinion. Opinions are fine as long as they are show for what they are. We don’t want to look at belief systems here. Verifiable facts are better. Personal accounts are very acceptable as long as they are flagged as such.

What to submit

Prose, personal accounts, poetry, shots scripts, videos, factual articles of the same standard as found on The Conversation.  See submission guidelines for how to submit.         

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