Tuesday 7 March 2017

For all of those who voted leave some Remain facts

I have adapted this form a list that someone has kindly put together.  Here are your pro-Remain counter-Brexit arguments. 

   The UK had sovereignty all along.
·          Sovereignty of Parliament does not mean sovereignty of the government.
·          Sovereignty of Parliament does not mean sovereignty of the PM.
·          You can’t passionately advocate the sovereignty of parliament and then complain when parliament has a debate.
·          We already had control of our borders.
·          After residing in the UK for 3 months, any citizen from any another EU country can be required to prove they have a job or have the financial means to support. themselves. They can also be required to have private health insurance. If they don’t comply they can be told to leave. This is an EU law and most other EU countries use it.
·         Turkey was never going to join and 70 million Turks were never heading our way.
·          The NHS were never going to get £350M extra each week.
·          The bus was not a misunderstanding of the fine nuances of the English language. It was a lie.
·         We will have the same need for immigration of skilled workers because we need them.
·         We will have the same need for immigration of unskilled workers because we need them.
·         Turning our back on the world’s largest free-trade block will not make us better-off
·          We already can trade with the rest of the world. They just have to pay import duty when they receive our goods and we have to pay import duty when we receive their goods.
·          Unelected bureaucrats never did dictate EU laws. We elected MEPs.
·         You couldn't (and you still can't) name a single nasty EU law that has had a detrimental effect on the average UK citizen. The average citizen - not our political or industrial masters.
·         The CAP has given us surplus rather than shortage.
·         There are around 60,000 bureaucrats (civil servants) running the nuts & bolts of the European Union. Roughly the same amount as employed by the city of Birmingham.
·         We were never going to be forced to join an EU army.
·         We were told many times that we would still have access to the single market if we left. “They need us more than we need them”. “They want to sell us their motor-cars, their wine and cheese so they wouldn’t dare deny us access to the single market”. Now it appears that we won’t have access to the single market, the same people are telling us that they knew this all the time.
·         The reason the markets didn’t crash after the vote was that Mark Carney found 250 billion quid down the back of the sofa and made it available to prop-up the financial sector.
·         Someone will figure-out a way to stop this disaster from happening and when they do we need to support them - whoever it is.

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